For potential public servants, training course is essential

Being a good, responsible elected official is a tough job that involves processing an enormous amount of information on topics that are often highly complex. If you don’t believe that, just check out Clark County’s 267-page budget or the Clark County School District’s 266-page budget. And that’s just the budgeting end. Try wading into things like taxes, public school funding, legal responsibilities and such. But for leaders in Southern Nevada, there’s help.

Leadership Advance: Inspiring Myself, Inspiring Others

I have been part of leadership North Las Vegas for the last three years, first as a participant, then as a co-chair and this year’s chair. I remember being inspired to join as I listened to the keynote speaker on the importance of leadership and how the graduates had such a wonderful experience during a colleague's graduation. I have always believed that believing in continued education was one of the most important traits of an excellent leader. The Leadership program is one of the best tools for that.