Leadership Advance: Inspiring Myself, Inspiring Others

I have been part of leadership North Las Vegas for the last three years, first as a participant, then as a co-chair and this year’s chair. I remember being inspired to join as I listened to the keynote speaker on the importance of leadership and how the graduates had such a wonderful experience during a colleague's graduation. I have always believed that believing in continued education was one of the most important traits of an excellent leader. The Leadership program is one of the best tools for that.

Last year when the the Metro Chamber and the North Las Vegas Chamber merged, there were some uncertainty on what the status of the Leadership program will be. We were very excited on the new opportunities and what we could accomplish with our new resources. Now, with Leadership Advance expanding its reach to the entire Valley, the program has more opportunities to reach emerging and existing leaders who want to hone their leadership skills and learn about the community of which we are all a part. Advance is a great venue for emerging leaders who need mentorship in both community affairs and leadership training. For current leaders, it gives them a fresh set of ideas on leadership, as there is always change afoot and our community is always changing.

Applications are now open for Leadership Advance. Take a look at this dynamic program and see how it can change your life.