A Testimonial from Cheryl Marshall - Class of 2013

1.       When being asked what Leadership Advanced is to me, it requires a lot of serious thought and I view it as somewhat challenging to even attempt to come up with a simple answer, because there isn’t one. The process of mastering leadership as a fluent skill is one in which you must be able to know, understand, and comprehend this amazing structurally sound way of functioning effectively while keeping yourself humble and being able to aid others in their undertakings. Leadership Advanced is something that I take very seriously, simply because the process for personal growth through this program is one that truly never ends. I personally have come to realize through the assistance of this program that being an effective leader is the foundation of every hierarchical success. Further, without well-established leadership in conjunction with a functional chain of command we confidently draw the conclusion that goals cannot be completed to their maximum potential without it. I am essentially writing this to my best ability in order to express how important the process of learning to lead, what it means to be a leader, and lastly how to lead effectively is. Something that I learned a long time ago that has made a major impact on my life is being able to distinguish the distinct differences between effectiveness and efficiency. A true leader must realize that the goal of every task is to complete it in an effective manner; however we must realize that sometimes we have to settle for a more efficient route. Simply put, to be effective is to fully execute the task at hand. In contrast, to be efficient is to achieve the most with the resources provided even if they do not meet the leader’s expectations. Every leader should be able to complete a task with fewer resources than anticipated and receive an equal or sufficient enough end result, thus rendering an efficient product. If a leader is provided with the amount of anticipated resources to complete a task, the skills obtained in Leadership Advanced should easily provide them with more than enough knowledge to execute their task effectively and potentially exceed the goal expectations.

One of the many gifts that I have received from being involved with Leadership Advanced is having the privilege to learn from so many likeminded individuals from all walks of life. Every person that I have met through this program is: passionate about what they do, courageous in facing their long-term as well as short-term goals head on, and ultimately driven by their past, present, and aspirations of future success. Out of all the individuals that I have encountered in Leadership Advanced there is one individual that I would like to talk about in particular who I view as a model leader and a genuine product of the program’s success. This individual is Randy Mccrillis of Elementos Consulting who I believe to be the epitome of our programs ultimate goal. Randy is known for giving very stimulating lectures based on his personal expertise, and I would advise anyone capable of attending his lectures to do so. Randy is also extremely passionate about his role in all of our development as leaders and I commend him for all of knowledgeable contributions to this organization.

Another gift that I have received from Leadership Advanced is the ability to learn so much in so little time at our Seasonal Day events. Events such as education day, public safety and such justice day, health day, history day and so many others constantly remind me that we are all needed, and that we possess the ability to make a positive impact on our society as competent leaders.

I would like to personally thank everyone for having confidence in me as well as a firm belief that I have the ability to make the right decisions as a council member and co-chair for the alumni. Last but not least I would like to give recognition to my leadership class of 2014. Every individual in my class has continued to show me how important that it is to grow with others that are joined together to accomplish similar if not the same goals. I look forward to progressing through Leadership Advanced and feel proud to say with substantial certainty that this program will provide all of us and future members with the proper tools to lead effectively and efficiently when the time comes.